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Enhances Athletic Performance Naturally

Every CX2 packet includes 2 types of chips, the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip and the CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip. The CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip significantly improves endurance, mental clarity and focus, stamina, balance and muscle mass as you workout or compete. This chip is shaped just like our current energy chip (oval), but has the strongest formula available on the market . It even includes energies that help muscles recover rapidly from a strenuous performance. There is a 3 chip placement protocol and a 5 chip placement protocol recommendation below. Use only the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip for both placement protocols. The CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip is square shaped.* It is designed to be placed (in addition to the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip) on the body in the spot you anticipate would be most likely to experience discomfort or become sore during or after athletic competition.

Even though everyone can use these chips, CX2 is designed to reach the younger, very active generation (from high school, or younger to the professional athlete) - giving them a defining edge. Together these chips will help each athlete achieve a peak performance every time.


There are two options – one uses 3 CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips – the other adds an additional 2 CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips. You may then place the CX2 Circulation and Discomfort Chip on the area of the body that you anticipate discomfort or soreness during or after athletic competition. CieAura CX2 Holographic Chips work best when the body is well hydrated. The following are some common acupuncture points and their effects on the body. Often acupuncture uses multiple points simultaneously to allow a whole body energy flow. This is not an attempt to explain acupuncture in detail, but only to show examples of good placement points. CieAura CX2 Holographic Chips work best when placed on acupuncture points – there they can best affect the body’s energy flow.


According to acupuncture charts, Conception Vessel 17 (CV17) is called the “Sea of Energy” and can improve energy circulation, blood and oxygen to the upper and lower lobes of the lungs. CV17 is also the main center of the respiratory intake and can be of value to the lateral deltoids, anterior serratus for rotation of the shoulder. CV17 is located on the centerline of the torso between the breasts.

Triple Heater 5 (TH5) in Acupuncture is called the “Master Regulator of Endocrine System.” According to the Acupuncture science this point can strengthen calf muscles, ankles and hip rotation, increase hearing, assist in regulating the nervous system and emotions. TH5 helps in the assimilation of nutrition (metabolism), reduces exhaustion and body temperature and improves mental projection, concentration and focus. TH5 is on the inside edge (thumb side) of your arm, approximately two inches above the crease of the wrist. If you choose this acupuncture point we recommend a wrist band to aid in keeping the chip in place during athletic performance.

Acupuncture calls Stomach Point 36 (ST36) the “100 mile point”. This point is known in acupuncture for strengthening forearms, neck and legs as it uplifts the energy of the entire body. ST36 can increase vertical and horizontal movement and peripheral vision. With acupuncture this point is effective in reducing exhaustion and overheating. It is located below the knee, outside of the shin bone (place your hand with wrist crease at top of your knee cap; ST36 is where your ring finger falls into depression on outside of your shin bone).


The next 2 chips complement and are considered to somewhat complete the energy flow: Conception Vessel 6 (CV6) is referred to as the “Well of Energy” and according to acupuncture it helps the kidneys, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone marrow, and improves energy circulation and oxygen levels. It is also stated that it increases the sense of well being as it unifies the body and mind connection. Conception Vessel 6 is located on the Centerline of the torso about one inch below the navel.

The last spot in this protocol that may help is Governing Vessel 4 (GV4) which is located on the centerline of the back (spine). To find the right spot for you, place both arms in a relaxed position at your sides and draw a straight line from elbow to elbow. GV4 is called the “Gate and Doorway to Energy Reserve” and is part of the energy balancing that addresses adrenal output and ACTH. When used in conjunction with other points, acupuncturists have shown GV4 to strengthen hamstrings, calf muscles and ankles, as well as improve organ and muscle balance of the entire body.

*Note: In future shipments of CX2, you will find the CX2 Circulation Chips will be shaped as a circle instead of a square and will be marked as “CX2 Circulation” and the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chip will be a larger oval shape marked as "CX2 Energy."

CieAura chips are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, heal or cure any disease or injury.

Some Key Facts and Benefits About CX2:
  1. Place the CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips on the recommended acupuncture points.
  2. The CX2 Circulation Chips should be placed on the exact spot where the most exertion might occur during athletic performance (for example, a football lineman might put the chips on his back; a tennis player, on his/her elbow.
  3. Chips are non-transdermal; nothing enters the body.
  4. CX2 Chips can be used for approximately 48 hours.
  5. If you are on medication or have an existing medical condition, consult with your doctor before using.
  6. Do not keep CX2 Chips in your pocket as they are activated when they come within two inches of your body.
  7. Keep CX2 Chips away from strong magnets as they can erase the chip.
  8. CieAura CX2 Professional Strength Energy Chips can be effective when worn during athletic events including practices. We recommend wearing at least one chip 4 or 5 days a week for consistent body balance.
  9. The CX2 Circulation Chips can also be used after the competition to help reduce discomfort. In that case put them on both sides of the area of discomfort. If discomfort continues, put a CX2 Circulation Chip between the “pain and the brain” and consult your trainer or doctor.
  10. As with all of CieAura’s Holographic Chips, more than one type of CieAura Holographic Chip can be used at the same time.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. CieAura products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, heal or cure any disease or injury.