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Energy Balance & Stamina Naturally

The natural meridians in our body get out of balance and cause blockages in the natural energy flow between the vital organs, cells and tissues of the body. The body works to connect these energy flows; however, without help, there is rarely if ever a balance in our body that keeps energy, concentration, stamina, and plus and minus (Yin and Yang) at the optimum level. With the introduction of CieAura PureEnergy plus Holographic Chips, we see and feel the body meridians come into balance, relieve blockages, and the energy flows take over.

Have you ever heard the stories about ordinary people with ordinary strength show enormous feats of strength like being able to pick up an end of a car when someone was stuck under it?

The CieAura PureEnergy plus Chip works on the same principle. Energy products are everywhere. Energy drinks, energy food bars, energy pills and a multitude of other short-lived energy fixes line the shelves of grocery and health stores. Most of these products rely on glucose (a type of simple carbohydrate /sugar) to induce a temporary energy “high.” The body loves carbohydrates, as they are the easiest compounds to process for energy. But, relying on additional carbohydrates for energy prevents the body from processing an even better source of energy—FAT. Fat contains more energy than carbohydrates but is more difficult for the body to process. Relying on faddish products for energy can prevent the body from processing fat, and in turn, cause weight gain.

CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips provide a holistic, healthy alternative to the current energy products by providing instant energy without the added calories. By utilizing acupuncture points, CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips focus the body and increase energy and stamina. The non-invasive, non-transdermal CieAura Chips are 100% natural and unlike current products, do not flood the body with fatty sugars.

When the body feels fatigued, it is generally because something is happening to divert the body’s energy. The body is out of balance, preventing efficient energy production. It is as if the body forgets about its stores of energy (fat) because it is too busy dealing with something else. CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips balance the body, much like acupuncture, and eliminate the need to add "energy" calories to the diet.

CieAura PureEnergy plus Holographic Chips
  • CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips are non-transdermal and absolutely no drugs are present; therefore, there is no associated drug hangover or side effects.
  • CieAura PureEnergy plus Chips work to optimally tune or "balance" your body. It does not create strength you do not already possess. Instead it makes the body function at its optimum, resulting in more endurance, stamina and concentration as it maximizes the body’s immune system.