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Physical Discomfort Management

Most people will suffer from painful discomfort during their lifetime. Some discomfort may be acute, with a distinct beginning and end. Other discomfort may be chronic, lasting for a continued period of time. Muscle discomfort, a common type of acute pain, affects 53 percent of Americans, and the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) estimates that one in three Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain.

Although doctors have made great progress in treating discomfort and understand that it is usually caused by inflammation, there is still a lack of information and a need for more effective treatments. As evidenced in the media, current pain treatments can be dangerous, addictive and cause organ damage.

Discomfort may occur in one area, such as a knee or back, but it affects the entire body’s ability to maintain wellness. When the body is in discomfort, it is unbalanced. A majority of resources are focused on the discomfort, not balanced throughout the body. Because of this, the treatment and prevention of discomfort is important to overall health.

CieAura PureRelief Chips Are Designed To Help Your Body Manage Discomfort CieAura PureRelief Holographic Chips provide a safe and effective alternative or supplement to current discomfort. Numerous people suffer from discomfort in problem areas such as knees, backs and shoulders. It has been estimated that almost 80% of the world's population will suffer from back discomfort at some point in their lives. We believe that CieAura PureRelief Chips can be used to manage back discomfort caused by sprains, muscle strains, headaches & athletic soreness.

When the body is in discomfort, energy naturally refocuses on the affected area. CieAura PureRelief Chips, like the needles in acupuncture, are able to refocus the energy when they are placed on the points of discomfort.

Additional Information: CieAura PureRelief Chips are activated when placed within approximately 2 inches of the body. Due to this, CieAura PureRelief Chips can be placed on clothing. It is not necessary to place them directly on a skin surface. CieAura PureRelief Chips last for several days. Their effectiveness slowly erodes after about 2 days. As a consequence, do not put your supply of CieAura PureRelief Chips in your pocket for long periods of time. You will be using a portion of the approximate 48 hr life of the chip. Once the CieAura PureRelief Chip is placed away from the body, it is no longer active and the remaining life span is available.