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Sound Sleep Naturally

Lack of rest is a serious threat to wellness. Studies link poor rest with an increased risk of chronic disease, and doctors have long recognized that a lack of rest can weaken the immune system. Even modest rest loss can diminish the immune system's response to disease and injury. Like the food we eat and air we breathe, rest nourishes the body and provides energy.

A study at the University of California San Diego indicates that chronic rest problems shorten life expectancy by more than a decade. About one-third of the people in the United States have trouble getting a good night's rest.

There are many products on the market that help people rest, but most are pills with the potential of unwanted side effects, including short-term memory loss, impaired physical ability and long-term dependence.

Today, an increased understanding of rest's role in maintaining a healthy immune system suggests that rest intervention may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes and other diseases. Some studies suggest that consistent rest can even help with weight control.

CieAura RestQuiet Holographic Chips provide a safe, new approach to getting a peaceful night’s rest. CieAura RestQuiet Chips are a safe natural alternative we believe will assist in achieving a quiet night's rest.

CieAura RestQuiet Holographic Chips Will Provide a Peaceful Night's Rest:

         * RestQuiet Chips are non-trans-dermal and absolutely no drugs are present; therefore, there is no associated drug hangover or side effects.

         * RestQuiet Chips will not put you to rest, but they allow a deeper more restful night. They will put you into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) rest. Sharp,
           clear dreams are a sign it is working.

         * RestQuiet Chips can reduce or eliminate annoying respiratory snoring while resting.

         * RestQuiet Chips provide a thorough restful rest so you wake up refreshed.

         * RestQuiet Chips help improve your health and immune system through the experience of enhanced deep rest.